Notes of my hearing at the French Senate, April 4 2018

Slides of the panel discussion at JECO, November 2019

Slides of the Public Conference in Paris Dauphine University Regards croisés sur l'économie, January 2020


​​GLOBAL INTERDEPENDENCE: series of works co-authored with Jeremy Adelman, Princeton Professor of History 

Notes of my hearing at the French Parlimament on the macroeconomic risks of the US economy, March, 2018

A more Dangerous Globalism, 23 March 2017, Project Syndicate

The Crisis of Our Crises, 7 September 2015, Project Syndicate

Quand les tensions entre Bruxelles et Athènes peuvent faire le jeu de Moscou, 18 February 2015, Le Monde


Slides of my hearing at the think tank Terra Nova, November 2019

Tdem, our proposals to reform Europe with Thomas Piketty, Stéphanie Henette Vauchez,

Antoine Vauchez, Guillaume Sacriste, Lucas Chancel and Manon Bouju


website, book in English at HUP, book in French at Seuil Press, slides

Fixing the euro needs to go beyond economics, voxeu column, 23 Oct 2018

Talk at the 10 year-anniversary of the French progressive Think Tank Terra Nova, October 3, 2018

The financial risks and political consequences of the EMF, talk at the Clingendael Institute, The Hague, January 2018

The EU Reforms Agenda under the Macron-Merkel Alliance, Talk at Princeton EU Seminar, November 2017, slides

EZ-EU reform : a political and institutional perspective, Panel speaker at Rimini meeting, August 2017, slides,

Talk in Berlin 

CEPII-CESIFO-DIW-OFCE workshop on European reforms agenda, June 2017, slides

How to Save Europe from itself, with J. Adelman and T Piketty, 4 April 2016, Foreign Policy

Hearing before the Committee of Financial politics in Bundestag, German Parliament, with respect to regulation

on short-selling and CDS, June 2012. My speech starts at 35'


Frexit and French competitiveness, blog CEPII in French, March 2017, data

Frexit and Foreign Debt, blog CEPII with J. Héricourt and J. Pedrono, March 2017, data definition


Report for the Conseil d'Analyse Economique, with Farid Toubal, PDF