Published papers (peer-reviewed)

Measuring the Balassa-Samuelson effect: A guidance note on the RPROD database, with C. Couharde, C. Grekou Carl, V. Mignon and F. Morvillier, International Economics, 2019

« EQCHANGE: A World Database on Actual and Equilibrium Effective Exchange Rates », with C. Couharde, C. Grekou Carl, V. Mignon and F. Morvillier, International Economics, vol.156, pp.206-230. 2018


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Lettres du CEPII


Regime-Dependent Sovereign Risk Pricing during the Euro Crisis, with J. Fouquau and R. Portes, Review of Finance, 21(1), 363-385. 2016

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Waves of International Banking Integration: a tale of regional differences”, with V. Bouvatier, European Economic Review, November 2015

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Is the European sovereign crisis self-fulfilling? Empirical evidence about the drivers of market sentiments, with C. Bruneau et J. Fouquau, Journal of Macroeconomics, 42, 38-51, 2014

"The demand for money in China revisited. Understanding Money Demand in the Transition from a Centrally Planned to a Market Economy” with J. Fouquau, C. Holz,  Post-Communist Economies, 376-400, Fall, 2014,

BOFIT Discussion Paper

Commodity and Equity Markets: Some Stylized Facts from a Copula Approach, with C. Lopez, Journal of Banking and Finance 37(12), 5346-5356, 2013

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Asymmetric responses of prices to exchange rate variations. Evidence from majour economies.”, with A. Lopez- Villavicencio, Journal of Macroeconomics 34(3), 833-844, 2012

Has the CDS Market influenced the borrowing cost of European Countries during the Sovereign Crisis?, with M. Gex and A. Lopez-Villavicencio, Journal of International Money and Finance, 31(3), Special Issue “Financial Stress in the Eurozone “481-497, 2012

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Press: FT Alphaville, Les Echos

Outreach: Hearing before the German Parliament in June 2012

L’accélération des réserves internationales de change dans les pays émergents” (2012), with J. Fouquau, Revue Economique, 63(5), 1013-1023


What Drove the Massive Hoarding of International Reserves in Emerging Countries? A Time-Varying Approach”, with J. Fouquau, Review of International Economics, 20(3), 164-176, 2011


The Determinants of International Reserves in the Emerging Economies: A non Linear Approach, with J. Fouquau, Applied Economics, 43(28), 4179-4192, 2011

Smooth transition in China: New evidence in the cointegrating money demand relationship” (2010), with  J. Fouquau,  Economics Bulletin, 30(1), 265-273


A Counterfactual Analysis of the Argentinean Monetary Transformation in 2002, Applied Economics, 41(27), 3533 – 3544, 2009

PhD thesis chapter 3

“De l’assouplissement des règles monétaires”, Revue Economique. 56(3),  787-797, 2005

PhD thesis chapter 2